Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fight for Real Health Reform!

The President and the Senate are likely to meet on Tuesday regarding health reform. Following is a message to Congress and the President - please add your own, and call or write TODAY!

Also: links to statements below from the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Rekindling Reform

To Congress and the White House:

We need and support real health reform. Stick with us and demand a bill that preserves and expands the strongest points of House and Senate proposals, starting on day one:

1. A public option is critical to advance access, quality, affordability and cost control. A buy-in to the public Medicare program for ages 55-65 must also be affordable.

2. All plans must be affordable, limit out-of-pocket expenses, require fair financing by employers and high-income individuals, end insurance company abuses, and require insurance companies to spend at least 90% of revenues on health care.

The federal government should promote innovations in delivery and financing of health care, including more primary care providers and public health funding.

3. Defeat diversions on wedge issues:
Advance reproductive rights.

Assure that all people who live in the U.S., including immigrants, have access affordable, quality, culturally appropriate care.

4. Promote states’ ability to move to single payer systems.
This historic bill will be an important step forward. States must be empowered to advance to a single payer system.




Congress: thomas.loc.gov


Statement by Congressional Progressive Caucus: http://cpc.grijalva.house.gov/index.cfm?ContentID=564&ParentID=0&SectionID=107&SectionTree=107&lnk=b&ItemID=562

Statement by Rekindling Reform: http://www.rekindlingreform.org/index.php


We have won important victories for better access to affordable health care.
Enemies of reform are now out in force.
Progressives must stay informed and engaged to achieve a truly historic victory.

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  1. Thank you Ellen for your expert guidance through these dark days.